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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 is a comprehensive, introductory course that provides a thorough overview of Microsoft Azure cloud services and solutions. The course covers topics such as cloud concepts, core Azure services, security, privacy, compliance, and trust. It also covers pricing and support options, as well as the fundamentals of Azure management and governance. The course is designed to help IT professionals, developers, and decision-makers gain a better understanding of the cloud and the Azure platform. Upon completion, learners will be able to discuss the benefits and considerations of using cloud services, as well as how to use the Azure portal to manage their Azure solutions. The course is also a great introduction to preparing for the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Course Outline

Our expert trainers will make sure you get the most out of the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 course. They will cover all the topics in-depth, providing practical examples and hands-on exercises to help you learn and understand the material. From cloud concepts to security, privacy, and compliance, our trainers will help you gain a better understanding of the cloud and the Azure platform. With their help and guidance, you'll be well-prepared to master the fundamentals of Azure and become a cloud-ready professional.

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure

  • Overview of Cloud Computing
  • Overview of Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Architecture and Services
  • Azure Pricing and Support

Module 2: Azure Management

  • Azure Portal Overview
  • Azure CLI Basics
  • Azure PowerShell Basics
  • Azure Resource Manager

Module 3: Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust

  • Azure Security Center
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Security Best Practices
  • Azure Privacy, Compliance, and Trust

Module 4: Core Azure Services

  • Azure Compute Services
  • Azure Storage Services
  • Azure Database Services
  • Azure Networking Services

Module 5: Azure App Services

  • Azure App Services
  • Azure App Service Plans
  • Azure App Service Deployment
  • Azure App Service Monitoring

Module 6: Azure DevOps

  • Overview of Azure DevOps
  • Azure DevOps Projects
  • Azure DevOps Pipelines
  • Azure DevOps Services

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